Adobe Spark

Add Spark To Your Campaigns.   Having only just recently been introduced to Pablo by Buffer, the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon strikes again! This time, coming from a the very popular Adobe Systems Incorporated.     Well what can I say… Personally I’ve been surrounded by Adobe products for well over a decade. And often, anything coming […]

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The following content (WOPPD ToolKit) is a compilation of useful pages for helping with the numerous tasks you’ll probably stumble on whilst working on your own projects. Find those handy tips and tricks for  creating and enhancing your own online content:

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Your Product, And Why No-one Knows About It!

    How to make sure people know about your product. Perhaps you should have thought about the following, before creating your own products for selling via the internet… …the bits most of us forget, ignore or simply do not know about. [excerpt from a guide] If you have or […]

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eCommerce Solutions Trending …

Introduction Today, adding any form of ecommerce to your existing, or new website is relatively easy, regardless of what type of products you wish to sell. To help you, there are many different tools available including a number of different ecommerce platforms. Choosing a platform that is right for what […]

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Three Essential, Trending Content Publisher Tools for 2016 and Beyond!

3 Crucial Resource for the content publisher in 2016… My challenge was to find 3 powerful web tools that I thought had a long shelf-life, was suitable for the enthusiastic beginner to the intermediate web developer type, and was applicable to most businesses and individuals with a website. This chosen web tools […]

engaging all the way-3
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Meet Pablo Content ‘Wrapper’ & Delivery Guy!

I can’t quite remember how I was introduced to Pablo, but I think It was whilst visiting Instagram. When out of nowhere I was confronted with a… “Hey, I’am Pablo – wanna see what I can do fuh YOU?” Quick Content ‘Wrappers’ & Automated Delivery… Pablo just so happens to be an offspring of […]

how load sq 800x
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Tasty Pokusai Theme

The Foodies WordPress Theme. Get website hosting at only $3.95 a month +Plus access to more themes just  like Pokusai Now here is a tasty theme for all you food related bloggers and entrepreneurs out there. What it is I like about this theme will be explained later… In the meanwhile just soak in […]

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Brandrr Creates Your Logo Fast.

‘Hot Iron’ Logo Branding   As someone with a design background, you might think that I’m working against myself, well it is not that. It’s that I realise through working closely with real people who simply cannot afford the luxury or time for hiring creative design services – end up […]

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WordPress is Automattic?

Can You Blame Anyone for Believing That Automattic is WordPress? Embed from Getty Images Automattic and WordPress – The Same? – At least in the minds of most users. …the deeper you burrow into the world of WordPress the wider the hole. The big question however  came about when someone asked whether […]

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Start Your Own WordPress Plugin Business.

The Plugin Business In A Box. Now here is an interesting boost towards starting a profitable WordPress Plugin Business for an affordable monthly fee. This is something the ‘programmer-preneur’ type should take note of. Sure I just made that word up, but you get what I’m saying…     Starting any serious online business is never […]

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Remember Your Foundational Needs.

Building Your Online Business on Solid Foundation. Technology moves fast, and in a single year we are confronted with so many products and services that promise to provide a solution to our online marketing needs. And as always, choosing is never as straight-forward as popularity might suggest. So, based on products […]

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Edit PDF Documents On Mac.

Edit: PDF PenPro Version 7 by Smile Software With the new upgrades of PDF Pen Pro… What’s that? You don’t know about  PDF Pen Pro? Well, let me tell you PDF Pen Pro has been around the block. And with the newly upgraded version 7. You can accomplish almost anything you’ll ever […]

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Call To Action – The Sniply Method

Sniply Call to Action Sharing… You’re probably wondering what do I mean by Sniply Call-to-Action Sharing… But no worries – that’s just me trying to be clever and lure you into reading more. As I try to express what can do for your social sharing and promoting your business offering. […]

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Mobirise Your Content

Drag and Drop Fully-Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Builder. Whilst still in beta phase I recently had the privilege of trying out this simple but incredibly powerful application for building modern websites quickly and easily. UPDATE: 16/01/2016 After playing with Mobirise for a considerable time – in my opinion the application is best […]

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‘Cooking’ A Recipe eBook Strategy.

eBook Strategy for the Chef in YOU! Presuming you listened to ‘Them’, you now have your social media accounts all set up and ready to receive visitors. The only thing is, you’re still not quite sure where to go next…  The chances are – you already have an idea of what […]

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Business Cards with Canva

Create Your Company’s Business Card Template.   The simple ‘business card’ has long been that essential ‘tool’ (if I may call it that) for helping forge those initial connections between individuals, which hopefully lead to worthwhile relationships… It’s that thing you leave behind at meetings, conferences or after having just met someone showing […]

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Getting Approved by Clickbank

Sorry, The Original Content For This Page Is No Longer Available SIgn up to Clickbank

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Bring Your Digital Products to Life | Product Launch

The First Impression. In spite of what impressions you may have regarding the ease of selling your own digital products online…And you know first impressions count – right! Can you really ignore the fact that with some simple graphics, you can give your product a life of its own? One […]

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Pixel Studio FX – Graphics For Marketers

Pixel Studio FX – DIY Graphic Design For Marketers Whilst Out-sourcing for your graphic design requirements may be a viable solution, it can get a little time consuming and costly. Which is why so many marketers today, take on the task of creating their own graphics. However this is not as […]

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How Smart Bloggers Market Their RSS Feed…

…And Build Lists Quick! Smart Apps for Smart Bloggers. Immediate List Building Pro Before plunging into what may be a mystery for most of us; the RSS Feed and how to harness its power. Email List Building is something every online marketer is both familiar with and encouraged as a […]

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Best Custom Website Builders | Web Page Builders

3 Web Page Building Software Plugins for WordPress You Must Know About. I have to admit to a little self-indulgence where I come across and write about what I consider to be a cleverly useful and innovative product that fits the sentiments of the Woppd Cut-to-the-chase Introduction to WordPress (coming […]

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Membership Site Software

Membership Site Building Software To Watch for 2016… [subject to revision] If you are currently in the mindset for providing ongoing value for your customers, having a membership site might just be a step forward towards achieving that goal. With a membership site you will be able to get closer to your […]

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Responsive, Mobile-Ready Portable Content?

 UPDATE: ThriveLeads – Now with Multi-Step and Multi-Choice Form Options: Learn More Responsive ‘Portable Content’. When it comes to delivering content on the internet, reaching as wide an audience as possible requires more than simply creating a website; generating traffic and then receiving visitors…   It’s all a matter of how you […]

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InstaBuilder 2.0 – New & Improved Page Builder.

InstaBuilder 2.0 – Is this the ultimate WordPress Marketing plugin?  Whilst you may already be familiar with  the well received membership site plugin InstaMember for building Membership sites. Hailed as the Marketers ‘one-stop’ drag and drop page building solution, InstaBuilder 2.0 with its new interface and combined functionality has stepped up the pace enormously from its previous […]

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Thrive Leads – Your Flexible Form Builder.

     UPDATE: ThriveLeads – Now with Multi-Step and Multi-Choice Form Options: Learn More Need A Web Form  – What type ? You may remember the WordonPress post on the popular list building plugin Hybrid Connect back in 2013. Well, not only was this an excellent piece of WordPress software for creating forms and generating leads […]

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Easy Azon 4

Easy Azon 4 Upgrade Saves Time, Earns More. How would you like to automatically increase your Amazon commission potential? Easy Azon 4 Upgrade Saves time, Earns More. How would you like to automatically generate Amazon Associate links for other countries and increase your Amazon commission potential?   View image |   ….generate Amazon Associate links for other countries, find Amazon […]

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SEO Health Check

SEO and Simple Code. In order to stand a good chance of visitors finding your site first, amongst all the other similar websites to yours, there are a few ways in which you can ensure you ‘kick-off’ on a good foot. In this task we will go through a few […]

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Sitemap Getting Started

A sitemap primarily refers to the XML file which you submit to the search engines, such as Google and Bing. However many websites use a display (or html) sitemap, so that readers can view the entire list of pages available at a particular websites, similar to a table of contents (TOC). What is […]

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The Writer and Digital Publishing.

  The Writer Today. That is; the  blogger, writer, web designer, developer, webmaster, product creator and so on…  NEXT  | WordPress for the Writer? As a writer in today’s environment, besides practically being able to work almost anywhere you happen to be located; whether during a train journey, flight, or even whilst […]

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The Writer

WordPress for The Writer As an author or writer you may already have asked yourself; how and why would I use WordPress ? Which may translate as; How do I get started with, and Why should I use WordPress ?   Q. Do you need an ISBN number and why would you […]

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