How Smart Bloggers Market Their RSS Feed…

…And Build Lists Quick! Smart Apps for Smart Bloggers. Immediate List Building Pro Before plunging into what may be a mystery for most of us; the RSS Feed and how to harness its power. Email List Building is something every online marketer is both familiar with and encouraged as a […]

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Best Custom Website Builders | Web Page Builders

3 Web Page Building Software Plugins for WordPress You Must Know About. I have to admit to a little self-indulgence where I come across and write about what I consider to be a cleverly useful and innovative product that fits the sentiments of the Woppd Cut-to-the-chase Introduction to WordPress (coming […]

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Membership Site Software

Membership Site Building Software To Watch for 2016… [subject to revision] If you are currently in the mindset for providing ongoing value for your customers, having a membership site might just be a step forward towards achieving that goal. With a membership site you will be able to get closer to your […]

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Responsive, Mobile-Ready Portable Content?

 UPDATE: ThriveLeads – Now with Multi-Step and Multi-Choice Form Options: Learn More Responsive ‘Portable Content’. When it comes to delivering content on the internet, reaching as wide an audience as possible requires more than simply creating a website; generating traffic and then receiving visitors…   It’s all a matter of how you […]

listly mobileapps header
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InstaBuilder 2.0 – New & Improved Page Builder.

InstaBuilder 2.0 – Is this the ultimate WordPress Marketing plugin?  Whilst you may already be familiar with  the well received membership site plugin InstaMember for building Membership sites. Hailed as the Marketers ‘one-stop’ drag and drop page building solution, InstaBuilder 2.0 with its new interface and combined functionality has stepped up the pace enormously from its previous […]

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Thrive Leads – Your Flexible Form Builder.

     UPDATE: ThriveLeads – Now with Multi-Step and Multi-Choice Form Options: Learn More Need A Web Form  – What type ? You may remember the WordonPress post on the popular list building plugin Hybrid Connect back in 2013. Well, not only was this an excellent piece of WordPress software for creating forms and generating leads […]

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Easy Azon 4

Easy Azon 4 Upgrade Saves Time, Earns More. How would you like to automatically increase your Amazon commission potential? Easy Azon 4 Upgrade Saves time, Earns More. How would you like to automatically generate Amazon Associate links for other countries and increase your Amazon commission potential?   View image |   ….generate Amazon Associate links for other countries, find Amazon […]

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Online Store Simple Solutions.

An Online Store for Showcasing Your Wares and Receiving Card Payments. So you are looking for a simple no-fuss way of both promoting and receiving payments for your products? Well, you are in luck today because the following are not only easy ways of entering the world of eCommerce,  but also solutions […]

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SEO and Keywords

Search Engine Optimisation and Keyword Research Marketing. Some Basic Things You Should Know About SEO. Software and plugins do NOT make your business successful….Learn what does here By now I suspect you are familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. But do you know exactly what […]

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Conversion Focused WordPress Themes

Cutting Edge WordPress Themes by Thrive Themes.   Without a doubt these are going to be amongst the most beautiful and functional WordPress Themes you will come across for today. When a brand associates itself with words such as progress, prosper, grow and flourish – you just have to take notice. As a […]

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Social Media Marketing World 2015

Discover the best social media marketing techniques. World’s top experts in one place. That time to meet up and rub shoulders with some of the biggest names and brands in social  media has arrived. Yes folks, from the 25th – 27th of March 2015 is the space in your diary to […]

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Does Your Website Need PLR Health Content ?

What is Private Label Rights (PLR) ? Maybe you are not familiar with preparing PLR material, So let me ask you;   As a producer of content, have you ever thought about providing information to your readers related to subjects that are both outside your career background and of a nature […]

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WordPress Trends to Enhance User Experience

Three WordPress Trends to Improve User Experience. Despite all the different networks and forums you may participate in, or the newsletters you have subscribed to, staying aware of the most recent WordPress website trends can easily slip under your inspirational radar, causing you to miss out on juicy opportunities to […]

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Win With Best WP Autoblogging Plugin

Whilst there is some debate regarding whether autoblogging is ethical or not, when simply it is a matter of how you use it… Just like any other tool; for example, depending on how you use email, will determine whether your email usage is ethical or not. Links to sensible discussions […]

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Entrepreneur, Solopreneur or New Freelancer ?

  Are You Really An Entrepreneur ? But first, let me ask you; would you consider yourself to be an Independent Business Owner or freelancer? Are you the type of person that takes action and make your own opportunities? You see, amidst the world of freelancer’s or should I say people that […]

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WordPress platform; There are easier options…

Do You Still Find WordPress Scary ? SUBSCRIBE for UPDATES   “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”  – Nido Qubein  As an individual, starting your own website nowadays really does not need to be as daunting as you may think, especially as there are […]

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eMailing Solution You Probably Missed.

eMailing System You Probably Didn’t Know About. Okay, so maybe you do know about some of these emailing solutions, but my challenge today is to introduce you to at least one eMailing System that you are not yet familiar with. And to also highlight one with which  I am particularly impressed… If […]

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Website Traffic Jam

Need Website Traffic Help ? Just before you press submit In spite how often you may hear that starting an online venture is easy, there are many hurdles that are often overlooked. Now, whilst starting a website may well be easy enough, maintaining and enhancing visibility is a whole new ball game. […]

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Writing a How-To eBook That Sells

but first, what does a reader want? As a reader of ebooks myself, you slowly get to know the drill, you can normally tell when an ebook is just a rushed concoction of spun words and pages, or when an author has aimed to be remarkable. Learning the inside workings of the […]

writing space
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WordPress 3.9 aka Smith 

WordPress 3.9 – A smoother media editing experience ? No sooner we asked the question, no sooner WordPress decided to ‘up’ its game concerning page editing. When I last took a look at the excellent examples of what was possible with ThriveContentBuilder, one of the nearest options to WYSIWYG editing for WordPress, the question to […]

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Turn Your Favourite Recipes into a Beautiful Book.

Food Photography, Recipes and a beautiful book… When I first came across this, photographers were one of the first people I thought of who could really benefit from using the services offered by Blurb. Imagine your photos beautifully displayed in a book that you can use as a portfolio of […]

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How Do I Create a Customised Template in WordPress ?

 how to create a customised template To create a customised template, the key here is to add or remove the necessary code from the page.php file,  which is located within the folder of the theme you are changing. Get More Like This * Now ready, is the new WordPress Essentials Learn how […]

how to wop -cusom template
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Content Builder; Thrive with First True WordPress ‘WYSIWYG’ ?

Thrive Content Builder         Developed by Shane Melaugh  If you are familiar with the WordPress plugin Hybrid Connect, then you are also familiar with a product of a high standard, developed by people who really care and understand the frustration encountered when dealing with creating professional looking […]

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Minimalist WordPress Themes for Creatives

Image Driven Websites with Themes by Graph Paper Press   Minimalist WordPress themes for photographers, videographers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs. How important is it that your images are clearly visible and the ‘heroes’ of your website ? Do you agree that an image speaks a thousand words ? Are you irritated by […]

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Is what you don’t know, keeping you back?

Want to Learn More? Before the year comes to a close, it was thought that this would make a good time to reach out to; especially, individuals who have taken the first steps in developing their online content publishing ventures. This is irrelevant to whether you’re writing and publishing your first book, […]

word-on-press-members price badge
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Start a Premium WordPress Theme Business

Why Choose WordPress | Five Video training, demonstrating two ways to get into the Premium WordPress Themes Business. Creating your own WordPress Theme can be as complex or as simple as you decide. If you ever have the thought to start your own Premium WordPress Theme business, depending on your level […]

Why Choose WordPress5a
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Getting Started With WordPress

Why Choose WordPress | Three and Four –  starting a website –  basics to intermediate webmaster foundation training   Starting a self-hosted website from absolute scratch using WordPress does have its hurdles. You will need to first register a domain name and then signup with a hosting service. see quicksteps Domain […]

Why Choose WordPress3:4a
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WordPress Themes and Plugins

Why Choose WordPress | Two  –  how to add plugins and themes for additional functions and features ( follow on from part one) Installing WordPress themes and plugins  You can assign a number of different WordPress themes and plugins to your blog by installing them directly from within WordPress or […]

Why Choose WordPress2a
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Nonverbal Website Intelligence

What is your website saying about you?   Your online content embodies the equivalent of the verbal communication that takes place with your existing customers and visitors. You have heard it said many times before, that first impressions count. However, there is a deeper science in how this all works and its […]

nonverbal shades
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WordPress ThemeRevenge

A Thousand Themes in One. Imagine having a WordPress Theme that you can change the look and functionality of by simply clicking a ‘Spin’ button. ThemeRevenge is literally a thousand themes in one… Brought to you by Craig Romero. Is that a gasp of disbelief ?….Yeah Right ! I hear […]

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